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Who we are…

    Probeira is a Portuguese industrial company operating in the food sector since 1971. This company is located in Envendos, Mação's council, in Beira Interior's region. In this privileged region, the olive grove of Galega cultivars is implanted on valleys or hillsides near the Tagus River with a specific climate.
    Probeira produces certified olive oil - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), with only the best Galega olives harvested in this region, as well as the Galega olive itself (internationally recognized as the Portuguese olive), preserved only with natural methods.
Through a rigorous quality control and strong commitment to it’s customers, Probeira has established a solid position in the international market (Brazil, United States, Canada, Austrália, Africa and Europe), exporting its products throughout the world and improving the development not only of the products but also of Beira Interior's region.
    All Probeira products have regional and traditional origin and are commercialized with their brands: Ramo de Oliveira, Lisboeta and Probeira.

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